The Green Lion

Any first year economics student will tell you that no one is going to rally your cause unless they are given incentive to do so. Unfortunately, this knowledge is all too often ignored by keen, yet misinformed environmentalists. Everybody knows that conservation is important, but few people are ready to drastically change their lifestyle to make a seemingly small contribution towards preventing the imminent melt of the ice caps (and the extinction of those viciously cute polar bears). Informing people about how we’re all going to “destroy the earth” will not endear people to your cause, it will foster resentment towards it.

Those of you who remember the Conservation Club will be familiar with that feeling of resentment. It was this resentment that in 2013 caused the total re-branding of the Conservation Club to Project Green. Project Green spent worked hard alongside Mr. Welker’s environmental economics class during the 2013/2014 school year to make ZIS a more eco-friendly place.

This is where WeAct comes in. WeAct was founded in 2011 by students at ETH, and encourages people to live more sustainable lives in a new way. WeAct does not condemn PET bottle purchasers, but rather invites you to play rewarding games.

It works as follows: you and your team (advisory) are competing against other teams to accrue the most points. Over a period of three weeks, you pledge to undertake various environmentally friendly actions. These actions could be anything from promising to ride your bike to school every day, to abstaining from meat three days a week. Each action your team completes awards you a certain amount of points. After three weeks, the team with the most amount of points wins fabulous prizes!

Zurich International School’s Project Green has been working with WeAct since March of this year to bring the WeAct Challenge to ZIS. Our ZIS challenge, dubbed the “Green Lions Challenge” will begin on September 22nd and will run until October 10th. It is a chance for you, along with your advisory, to work together to reduce your carbon footprint, earn fabulous prizes, and adopt (hopefully) long lasting habits. On behalf of the entire Project Green, we wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy this challenge. As the beloved children’s author Roald Dahl once said, life’s more fun when you play games.


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