Anthropology of Consumption – Part One

Similar to my previous piece, this is an extract from a larger project I completed as part of my material culture module. Occado   For this lab session, I decided to “follow” my friend who ordinarily does her shopping on the online supermarket – Occado. She has asked to remain anonymous and shall be referred... Continue Reading →


Digital Anthropology

This is an extract from a project I completed as part of my degree. The images posted to, and links shared on, social media are non-tangible material culture, constituted largely of images. Beyond that, the structures of the sites themselves form social landscapes which inform their function. This is demonstrated by the Why We Post... Continue Reading →

What are the most important prerequisites for egalitarian living? Ethnographically illustrate your answer.

All existing egalitarian societies are hunter-gatherers. The absence of resource scarcity characterizes the physical characteristics and geographical locations of their societies (Bird-David,1990). This,however, is not what makes those societies egalitarian. Such societies have cultural standards of egalitarianism which must be actively enforced. This creates a meta-social structure which asserts egalitarian lifestyles. In this essay I... Continue Reading →

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