Mohammad Monday’s: Adam’s Introduction

This is my introduction to the new, trans-atlantic phenomenon that is Mohammad Mondays. If you like it (and even if you don't) be sure to like, share, and subscribe.


So you want to be a Jedi?

According to census data, in 2001 Jediism was the fourth largest religion in the UK. For a few glorious years, Jediism was a larger religion in this country than Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism. Though Jediism has since declined in Britain, there are still a couple of hundred thousand Jedi Knights walking among us. You too,... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Study Guide

Like it or not, sooner or later we will all probably have to take an exam. In fact, IB seniors have two such exams this week. Teachers, parents and other well-meaning people often like to say, "Don’t stress!" to their young scholars, without elaborating on how this might be done. One way to feel less... Continue Reading →

Pigcat: A Twisted Fantasy

ZIS’ autumn production of Steven Bogart’s drama Pigcat, directed by Una Mckay (’15) for her IB theatre personal project, had a unique reality to it that school plays rarely pull off. Bluer than Damselfish dressed as Brave Heart, the empathy and fear built around the characters left the audience in awe, and slightly disturbed. Pigcat... Continue Reading →

To What Extent Does Knowledge Confer Privilege?

An Essay I wrote for TOK Last Year.  In certain circles, knowledge is almost a byword for privilege. The words, “Oxford” or “Cambridge” for example, will bring to mind in most those people who have large estates and can trace their lineage back to Charlemagne. Although knowledge usually confers privilege, it doesn’t do so necessarily and... Continue Reading →

The Green Lion

Any first year economics student will tell you that no one is going to rally your cause unless they are given incentive to do so. Unfortunately, this knowledge is all too often ignored by keen, yet misinformed environmentalists. Everybody knows that conservation is important, but few people are ready to drastically change their lifestyle to... Continue Reading →

Strange Charm

In October 2009, at least amongst seventh grade ZIS students, there was a feeling of apprehension regarding the matter that the earth may be about to be consumed by a black hole somewhere under Geneva*. Switzerland is the home to possibly the world's greatest scientific research centre: the European Organisation for Nuclear research. You may... Continue Reading →

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