Narrow defeat for Lions in Baden

On Friday afternoon, the conditions were perfect for a Rugby match. The skies were a clear blue, the wind was still, and the winter sun shone down with the first tantalizing whispers of spring. It is unfortunate then, that our match was on Saturday, when we were greeted with a sleeting sky and frozen pitch, … Continue reading Narrow defeat for Lions in Baden

Zurich Victory at Autumn Challenge

Four in the morning is an early start for anyone. Nevertheless, this was when, on Friday morning, the Zurich Lion stumbled out of bed to travel to Vienna, our first match in the afternoon. It's a funny thing, watching an end of season JV team from the side lines. You see the transformation they have … Continue reading Zurich Victory at Autumn Challenge

Varsity Boys Extend Their Winning Streak

On Friday, the rival teams, ISZL and ZIS lined up against each other on Zug’s infamous AstroTurf pitch for a mid-season game. Although this was a friendly, both sides knew that the stakes were high. The Zurich Lions had a four-to-nothing victory streak they wished to maintain and the Zug and Luzern Eagles wanted revenge … Continue reading Varsity Boys Extend Their Winning Streak

Mixed Results at Annual Zuoz Tournament

After a 7 a.m start on Saturday morning, twenty four Zurich rugby boys, a mix of varsity and JV, stepped off the train at Zuoz ready for their annual “Lyceum Alpinium” tournament. Unfortunately due to Munich’s last minute cancellation and the mysterious absence of the International School of Zug and Luzern, the tournament became a … Continue reading Mixed Results at Annual Zuoz Tournament