Mountains, Rivers, and Sights to Give You Shivers.

The agate water of the rushing Soča provides relief from the summer sun. Kayaks dodge the river’s treacherous rocks and hikers scramble up the mountains surrounding the deep valley the river has cut. With pristine nature and remarkably cheap prices, the Soča valley is an outdoor-lover’s paradise.             In an … Continue reading Mountains, Rivers, and Sights to Give You Shivers.


Mountains and Forebearance

Switzlerand is wasted on those who do not visit the mountains. With this in mind, this weekend eight fairly incompetent teenagers embarked on a  five hour hikefrom Glarus Bahnhof to a campsite on the idyllic Klöntalersee. The journey was beautiful, serene and at times somewhat surreal, but it was also somewhat ineffable, no matter which … Continue reading Mountains and Forebearance