Mountains, rivers, and sights to give you shivers.

I once said I would never tell anybody about Bovec, Slovenia. This was entirely out of selfishness. I wanted to preserve the mountains, rivers, forests, canyons I was amazed that there could still be such pristine places. I’m breaking that promise to myself now, because I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes people happy, … Continue reading Mountains, rivers, and sights to give you shivers.



Mallorca isn’t all drugs, sex and rock and roll. Some people actually live there, and they need roads. I’m not sure what it is about this picture that makes me so happy, possibly it’s reminiscent of an American feel-good movie, or maybe it’s just reminiscent of a holiday in the sun with my friends. All … Continue reading Mallorca

Mountains and Forebearance

Switzlerand is wasted on those who do not visit the mountains. With this in mind, this weekend eight fairly incompetent teenagers embarked on a  five hour hikefrom Glarus Bahnhof to a campsite on the idyllic Klöntalersee. The journey was beautiful, serene and at times somewhat surreal, but it was also somewhat ineffable, no matter which … Continue reading Mountains and Forebearance