Was Frederick Barbarossa a Failure?

Upon his accession to the throne in 1152, Frederick Barbarossa became the leader of an empire which had fallen from grace thanks to incidents such as the Investiture Contest and was weakened by power struggles between the Welf and the Hohenstaufen families since the end of the Staufen line in 1125. Frederick’s main aim was... Continue Reading →


So you want to be a Jedi?

According to census data, in 2001 Jediism was the fourth largest religion in the UK. For a few glorious years, Jediism was a larger religion in this country than Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism. Though Jediism has since declined in Britain, there are still a couple of hundred thousand Jedi Knights walking among us. You too,... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Adventure

Tales told, spilled drinks, bubbling laughter: Of wet, tired bodies, of freezing fear. You’ve done nothing until you’re warm, after   Dizzying drops, avoiding disaster, Snow, ice and cliffs uncomfortably near. Tales told, spilled drinks, bubbling laughter   Struggling, wishing your pack was lighter, Feet slogging, grinding like a broken gear You’ve done nothing until... Continue Reading →

To what extent did the actions and policies of Louis XVI cause the outbreak, and affect the course, of the French Revolution until 1793?

In the years leading up to 1789, King Louis XVI enacted various measures to prevent the establishment of the National Assembly in June 1789 at the Estates General, the establishment of a constitution in September 1791, the abolishment of the monarchy in 1792 and Louis' eventual execution in 1793. Several errors in judgment made this... Continue Reading →

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